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Default Re: Anxiety treatment process

It will all depend on why you are seeking therapy and on your specific therapist. It does usually help to identify a cause of a problem in order to deal with or treat it. Sometimes they just try to give you a different perspective on your issues. Try going into therapy open-minded and follow your therapists treatment plan. If things don't work out, you can always seek a different therapist.
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Default Re: Anxiety treatment process

Originally Posted by darkside8 View Post
Anyone here who has been, or are in, therapy for generalised anxiety disorder (or even social anxiety), did you have to work with your T on exploring the causes before working on recovering? How important was that? Had the reasons for your anxiety, when explored, taken you to some dark and deep places of discomfort? If so, despite how hard it must have been to discuss it, did you find that was extremely important for recovery?
Anyone not find a deep, hidden reason why and the causes of it were more the stresses of education and work, and wanting everything to be perfect?
lease try to provide as much detail if you can, thanks ever so much!
I suffer from GAD and quite a few other anxiety related conditions.

When I met with my therapist, we did go over the causes of my anxiety. I can understand where you may be coming from in regards to being intimidated with the process of going over the causes. I certainly was... I even tried cancelling the appointment the morning of the appointment. No kidding, my therapist called me back and she right away why I did it. She explained that this process is perfectly normal and could even be empowering to a degree. Almost like owning your condition.

She was exactly right. It went really well for me. I would recommend that you trust your therapist, share your concerns, and dive on in if it feels right.
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