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Exclamation What's wrong with me?

Hello. I was once diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but the truth is that I'm bipolar. After I cry for a while, I start to feel like I'm going insane. So my question is what does it mean if I have dark thoughts such as humans being ants that are easily crushed beneath their feet or having a sense of being the ruler of the world right after I'm done crying. Does that make me just plain crazy or? Does this have anything to do with being bipolar or is this just weird?
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Default Re: What's wrong with me?

Hi TrippingNarwhal. It's just my opinion, but I think it's related to your bipolar. Because I had a friend who used to mention quite frequently that she had similar thoughts to yours and that it was part of her bipolar disorder, so, yes.

There's a good bipolar forum on this site as well, I'm sure you could gain some insights.

And welcome to PC, TrippingNarwhal. Welcome aboard.
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Hello Narwhal: I see this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to PsychCentral. Here's a link to the bipolar forum here on PC:

And then here are links to 6 articles, from PsychCentral's archives, on the subject of living with bipolar disorder:

In-Depth: Living with Bipolar Disorder

10 Small Steps You Can Take Today to Improve Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder: 6 Ways To Distinguish Between Yourself & Your Illness

Building a Routine When You Have Bipolar Disorder

I hope you find PC to be of benefit.
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Default Re: What's wrong with me?

In Bipolar, extreme mood swings wonít change within minutes or hours like that. Usually it takes minimum two weeks for one episode to last before it changes to another episode to be considered that someone is having bipolar. You might have something else instead, like Borderline Personality Disorder or Complex PTSD. However no one can diagnose you here as none of us are mental health professionals. I donít recommend to do self-diagnose as well because itís unreliable. I suggest you get some professional opinions so you know for sure whatís going on with you therefore you can get the correct treatment that you need.
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Default Re: What's wrong with me?

I agree about going to a doctor; that way, you'll get the help you need.
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