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Question Trichotillomania experiences?

Anybody here go through, still going through, or know anyone who went through trichotillomania? If so have you tried any coping strategies that have worked? Does anyone know any helpful or interesting information on the disorder?
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Trig Re: Trichotillomania experiences?

I have trichotillomania. My pdoc added a dopamine focused anti-depressant to what I take to help with the symptoms. Probably shouldn't admit this, but I still engage in hair pulling. Since I used to cut and started hair pulling as an alternative I'm okay with it continuing. Does that make sense? I view it as a bad habit that I'm not willing to put the energy into quitting. Some people bite their nails, I pull hair. It's not having a harmful effect on my life so why do anything about it?
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Default Re: Trichotillomania experiences?

i lived with OCD Trichotillomania for over 15 yrs. no med helped. it is NOT a 'bad habit', it is an out of control compulsion. i pulled myself bald so many times that my hair turned white. Finally, i went to an exceptional acupuncturist (i didn't know it at the time) to stop smoking, 14 yrs ago today~!

not only did i stop smoking in ONE treatment, but i had pre-paid for 7 treatments, and continued going. well, my agorophobia went next, i began walking under the open sky for the first time in years. THEN, much to my surprise, i noticed i wasn't pulling my hair out ~ O.O i continued the treatments, for 26 weeks (once a week), and by the time he was done (and i was out of money), i was free from hair pulling, and on my way to a new me.

it was he who recommended the Binaural Beats, which can stimulate new brain cells to become active and even stimulate new neural connections, which is how it brings about such permanent and striking changes. if you want to know more about binaural beats, you can read about them at, or PM me and i'll be glad to talk about it with you.
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Default Re: Trichotillomania experiences?

^^^ In my experience, binaural beats are helpful in many ways.

I had trichotillomania for most of my life. When I was a child I pulled out my head hair; as I got older I pulled out my eyebrow hair. For whatever reason, that compulsion has stopped. My problem now is tearing at my cuticles. I cannot seem to stop doing it. I hate it.
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Default Re: Trichotillomania experiences?

I have trich. I pull at my eyebrows and eyelashes. I can suggest getting something to forget with she you get the urge to pull. Things like tangles, fidget cubes, hair bobble or bracelet etc
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Default Re: Trichotillomania experiences?

I stopped pulling after taking the following supplements: NAC + Inositol + Methylsulfonylmethane and Vitamin C. The supplements are quite cheap and I am very happy that this works.
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Default Re: Trichotillomania experiences?

I'm so sorry, TrippyGypsy I have never experienced this, so unfortunately I don't have a lot of advice to give to you. If you're struggling, I'd suggest to talk to your doctor about this and see how it goes from there. Hopefully he/she will be able to help. Perhaps there are some meds that could help you. Hopeffuly you'll be able to find the right meds combination. I'm so sorry, please don't give up. You're definitely not alone in this, as this thread has already show. Is there anything we can do to help you? Please let us know. Feel free to PM me anytime. Let me know if I can do something to help you. Wish you good luck! Let us know how it goes. Sending many hugs to you
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