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Default Can responsible gambling still be a problem?

I haven't been here too much lately but it has been brought to my attention by my husband, that I may have an obsession with gambling. I guess I disagree since I still am able to pay all the bills and am successful financially. In fact I make more than my husband and feel I can spend my money on how ever I want so long as everything is taken care of financially. I do go to the casino 3-5 times a week and I only bring $200, buy in with initial $100 so I don't lose my entire bankroll in one session. I only like to play craps since it is a social game and offers a lot of action but you do need a reasonable amount of money for it. Anyway, we are starting a family soon and my husband is worried that my obsession with the game is going to impact this. I believe everything is under control but I am trying to see his side too. He wants to go to counselling but I just don't see the need to so I thought I'd reach out here and see what your thoughts are or if you have similar experiences to share.
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Default Re: Can responsible gambling still be a problem?

What can I tell you ... I also played for a long time in the casino for a little big money and it was like a hobby for me, until all this turned into an addiction. And if my wife had not helped me, I wouldn’t know what happened. And everything just started that I began to watch reviews on the casino site here. When I quit playing, I began to ask myself the question: "What can I really spend money on? Maybe for charity, maybe for public needs ..." And I just decided that I would spend the money that I spent on the casino on really important things. Therefore, I advise you to think, maybe the money you spend on your hobby(casino) will save someone's life.
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Default Re: Can responsible gambling still be a problem?

The highs from gambling can be very addictive.
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