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Default Weight Loss Meds Journey

Going to use this thread to keep track of how weight loss meds are working. Feel free to comment or ask questions.

I started seeing a new GP and she is head of the weight loss clinic that their office has so when I saw her today she put me oh phentermine. It's a stimulant closely related to amphetamine. Boy does it kill your appetite. It also works well for ADHD. Man I haven't thought this clearly in forever. I actually want to do things. It's weird. My goal, well for today now since it's after 12, is to start phasing out sugar again. I had to come off opiates and sugar helps with withdrawals but now that's over with so I think I can do the no sugar thing again. I need to get better at being motivated about cooking more since I can't really eat out. I mostly stick to protein, veggies, and a few carbs.

I've lost 45 lbs since December sticking to this plan so I guess something is working. I've lost 75 lbs total since Jan 2017. I have another 80 lbs to lose to get to the weight I want to. I'm not doing this because I'm concerned about my looks. I couldn't give a **** all about that. I'm tired of being in pain. I found out I have spinal stenosis on top of herniated discs and degenerative disc disease in my low back and neck and I also have scoliosis. With losing 75 lbs it has helped some but I still weigh 240 lbs. My goal is 160 lbs. That's within normal weight for my height. Also under that I look sickly. Man don't look back at old pictures when you were a stick. haha. I was playing basketball 2 hrs a day though and taking weightlifting at that time though.

The one complaint I have about losing so much weight is that I have all this skin just hanging. I can literally grab handfuls of skin on my thighs, stomach, and upper arms. I'm gonna need to get all this skin removed after all this and man do my boobs look sad and deflated lmao. My mother in law got the gastric sleeve done and lost a ton of weight and as she put it when you lose a ton of weight your boobs end up looking like sad socks. There's this one lady on instagram @fatgirlfedup and she's lost 312 lbs. She's having surgery this month to get skin removed. TBH I don't care how the extra skin looks like it is literally uncomfortable. Especially on my thighs and stomach. It folds in weird ways and it's really stupid that when I'm sitting here I have to adjust my freaking skin to be comfortable. Lame.

Anyways, now that I've grossed you out, ha, it's probably going to be a wild ride. Next week I'm going to start doing yoga in the morning after I meditate. Gotta figure out this sugar thing first. One thing at a time. If i try to change everything at once I'll get pissed off and quit.
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