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Default Moods and weight loss efforts

I have bipolar disorder and definitely find that my moods affect my ability to stick to a weight loss program. Obviously motivation and the fire under my butt plays a part in my success. Support helps, too.

I have lost amounts like 25 to almost 40 lbs in the past. Other times I lose around 6 to 12 lbs and my motivation peters out. I have been able to stick to weight loss plans sometimes when a bit depressed, but usually not. Most of my weight loss clearly happens when I'm stable or some level of manic (some exceptions when manic). Well, I've been ever so slightly depressed off and on since May. I had some upswings some weeks since then, but then they became down swings. Before mid May, I quickly lost almost 8 lbs in three weeks. Since then I've been gaining and losing the same amount of weight, sometimes almost reaching a 10 lb loss milestone.

I want to tell myself it's OK to take a "vacation" from weight loss as long as I can maintain.

Right now I still have about 22 more pounds I want to lose, but unless I get stable, I can't imagine when I'll get there. I do know from experience in my life that that goal is not one my mind and body (and genes) want me stay at. Really, my current weight seems to be the one I'm most prone to stay around. Does anyone else have such a weight?
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Default Re: Moods and weight loss efforts

I have been stable for just over a year and lost down to a weight I was last at ~35 years ago. I gained the most when I was depressed. I am trying really hard to make this the new normal. It is taking effort it would be difficult to stick to if I get really depressed. When I was hypo, I was almost shocked when I looked in a mirror because I felt lighter and fitter.
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