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Default Re: finally did it!


And when I lost a lot of weight over a year, I ended up at risk of falling down pants and shorts too. Belts only do so much before everything looks silly, so I had to buy a lot of new clothes. I discovered that meaningful weight loss can get expensive.
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Exclamation reply: Re: finally did it!

Congrats to you too!

for me, it was the other way around (for now)! having to get new clothes i.e. pants when gaining weight was expensive. i held onto my smaller jeans and shorts cuz i knew some day some way some how, i was gonna lose it.

plus i just took a drill to my leather belt and 'added' new holes so it would go smaller! i'm kinda handy like that
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Default Re: reply: finally did it!

[QUOTE=black_kat22;5893384]well, what worked for me is not something I would recommend for others. but if you really want to know, p.m. me and i'll share.

so I decided my weight loss was 'a wave I'm gonna ride as long as I can', cuz it took so long to happen and who knows how long it will stuck.
SO.... as of this morning (for me it's still night time), I am actually now at like 42 lbs lost!!!!

Can you please PM me and tell me how you did it. I've lost a little over 70 pounds and not in the most healthy way.
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Default Re: finally did it!

Can anyone who had weight loss on this thread PM with how you did it? I am at the heaviest Iíve ever been and dieting is not working for me. I also have an active job so Iím not sitting around eating twinkies 24/7 either.
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