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Default Iíve gained weight...

I started eating more about six months ago. It was hard, but I was able to distract myself and not force it back out. I didnít want to be anorexic anymore. The problem is..... Iíve gained weight. I was okay at first but someone started pointed it out all the time, and now itís all I can think about.

Sooo, I started not eating again. Iím not losing it as fast as before though. Iím getting dizzy and feeling exhausted faster, and not losing the weight. My weight is really upsetting to me lately and Iím not sure what to do. Especially because I donít know if Iím still considered skinny or not. My family doesnít give clear answer, or gets mad.

I know it shouldnít matter what I look like, but it does, and I donít know what to do because Iím afraid. I know if I donít see a difference just cutting back a little Iím going to go to the extreme. I just feel so alone. I donít know what to do.
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Default Re: Iíve gained weight...

I'm so sorry. I'm having problems again with getting too thin. What is the opinion of your doctor? Even your PCP? Mine flat out told me X weight is the low end of normal for your height & bone size & X weight is the high end of normal. And beyond X weight is so super dangerous, we'd put you right in the hospital. I guess I was lucky in that way?

I remember having that experience after I recovered from the severe anorexia I had in college. The first thing everyone would say when they saw me again was, "You've gained weight. You're looking good." Even someone saying to me I looked better meant I had gained weight and hence I was fat.

If your weight is considered normal for your height by your PCP (just flat-out ask them), you should stop trying to lose weight and maintain. If you know your weight, there are height/weight charts all over the internet you can look up what is considered normal.

Though I hate scales. I really do.
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Default Re: Iíve gained weight...

The most challenging this is the cognitive distortion a lot of us have....anywhere near healthy, or just on the cusp of healthy weight (statistically, numbers of course) is fat.

I am at a certain weight but swear I look better than the same weight years ago (leaner, thinner). Numbers are a mind f###....
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