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Default How...

Iíve been posting in a couple of other forums. I get the distinct impression that not many there ďget meĒ..

Possible trigger

I was thinking how it would have been preferable.. if one person in the family of origin had a capacity to love.

I was neglected, battered, abandoned...

How I became the lovely, but imperfect, bear I am is beyond me....

I am putting all my ten claws up at all the abusers in my life (many) who tried to label, violate, harm me... and often ďsucceededĒ . I donít know how they sleep at night.

(Not about anyone on pc)
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Default Re: How...

Hi FuzzyBear, I donít know how this post could go unseen/responded to for so long. My T is kinda shocked by the lack of love and support in my family so I can relate. Then all the lack of love in my family seemed to set me up as the perfect target for other outside abusers. I know my mother had aand still has the mental health issues that kept her from loving me and she is tormented by those. My uncle has become rambling insecure perhaps awaiting his karma or my revenge. The others I do not know. With my history I actually had a T ask me once why I wasnít some kind of murderer or something. The only thing I could say was that I havenít killed anyone so I canít be. The answer puzzled her. I did animal rescue and it helped for a little while but then became to triggering when the animals needs and experiences were too close to my own. Hopefully time will bring some twisted form of justice to those who hurt and abandoned you.
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Default Re: How...

(((Fuzzy))) I've wondered the same. It isn't possible that the family of origin could hold so much hatred toward me, and for what reason?? You've become a caring, compassionate bear. I guess it could affect some people differently. I, for example, am VERY sensitive to the pain of others. Maybe I should thank my abusers for making me a better person. (Like THAT would ever happen )

If one person in the family of origin had the capacity to love, it would have only been a mind game for me. One minute they "love" you , the next they'd sooner see you dead. I guess it's a way of keeping you in a state of disequilibrium.

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Default Re: How...

Families born of love are the ideal, but other families are created through accidental pregnancies, lust, convenience, considering the ideology of the parents...druggies, satanist, mean, nurturers,.....

So many variables that can influence a family type. We canít help what we are born into. We can help what we do after leaving the disfunctional lot which usually has loaded us up with tons of baggage is to unload it through therapy or carry it on in victumhood to pass it on as an inheritance.

Not really sure where this is going so be ending with that.
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