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Default Re: Medicine not switching!

Originally Posted by Michael W. Harris View Post
I would like to add: When drinking light beer at a somewhat sane rate, which I do not always do, you void one beer for every two to three beers you drink(on an empty stomach). So If I have eight to twelve beers I actually only have maybe four to six beers worth of alcohol in my system at that time depending on how fast I am drinking. Usually my rate of consumption slows down after a few beers.
depends upon your location.... here in the USA a majority of states light beer refers to calorie content. in a rare few states like illinois light refers to alcohol content if the beer was put through an extra diluting process during the brewing process. in germany and a few other countries "light" refers to both calories and alcohol content.

tip for those interested in alcohol brewing and such most colleges now offer classes to teach how to brew alcohol of various kinds. I saw in the news that NY, Florida, California Oregon, Washington and New Mexico have college classes where the students do hands on brewing and learning about the process.

my point is whether "light" "lite" alcoholic drinks refer to calorie or alcohol content depends upon where its made, what process is used in the making, what products are used and what the distilling/ delution process is.
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Michael W. Harris
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Default Re: Medicine not switching!

I have been off the omniprozol for some time now. I am definitely able to handle beer better. I still am going to quit. I can never tell when I am going to wack-out now. Two times I will be alright and then boom I get crazy. I have been banned from one of the pubs. It is only a matter of time before I am banned from the other.

I have a ton of built up anger and frustration. That is from years of being in the mental health system and having mental health professionals totally ignore me when I tell them that I have a dissociative disorder. Some times I think people are messing with me. That is when I get paranoid. It is no use I just am too mental to risk being in a bar.

I have got to learn how to deal with the boredom in some positive manner. I do not want to get kicked out of this facility.

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Default Re: Medicine not switching!

((((Michael W. Harris)))) Just be careful, ok?
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