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Default Re: Therapy Session tonight

I was diagnosed DD-NOS (now OSDD) then with DID, but I rejected the DID diagnosis and have NOT been re-diagnosed with DID since then. I am most comfortable with/most relate to OSDD. It is very very very very super rare for me to experience full-on amnesia.
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Default Re: Therapy Session tonight

Feeling multiple over time can be just in this way. From personal experience, I have implemented a department inside to know who clothes are, based on where I bought them from. Things get lost inside once the pouring of yourselves begin and it is part of the toll. So a good proactive way would be to if you quiz yourself on all the garments that you all have if you are indeed plural, do you get it correct. If so jot that down and is a good starting place.
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Default Re: Therapy Session tonight

Trauma is trauma regardless of the dxís. We have parts that is capsules in their traumatic experiences whether it be ptsd, c-ptsd, OSDD, did.

I have all 4....but I donít care...I just want help...even though life robs me of such, so we ignore it and keep traveling on.

So, whatís in a label? A rose by any other names is still a rose. Iíve been labeled, smeared, called names, bullied, made fun you pin me with 3-4 lettered acronyms. The world got better all of a sudden...not...

Sorry, just being....I donít know...

Lamictal 150mg 2 x daily
Prozac 20mg
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