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Unread 08-13-2017, 02:38 AM   #11
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Default Re: Possessive pronouns

Normally I say "I" even when I feel something was done by someone else.

We only is said when I have to express more than one, normally talking about the recent past. Anyway, there is a child alter that tend to say you/we, he is there for protection and now I can sense him when he takes control instead of fully lose time. Now I partially lose time, like I am half there so I know half of the story. It wasn't like this few years ago. I guess that is why I rarely used "we".

For example, now I can sense an alter inside my head, he wants to paint, but I would never say "we" or "he wants to paint" I still say "I". Its the automatic way to talk to avoid being noticed.

My therapist encouraged me to make a distinction, I guess because he doesn't understand unless I do lol

It feels OK to don't hide. I more aware of them than before. I rarely forget all of them again. I know 3. I can talk to 1. My T said once I named more, but you know what? I don't remember ahahah
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Schizophrenia, residual; complex PTSD; complex and severe dissociation; mood disturbances.

I joined my crazyness since there was not a way to figth against it. And I grow everyday, between fear and confusion.

Meds: hydroxyzine, clonazepam, pregabalin, for any problem I have. Occasional use. I won't take APs or ADs.

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Default Re: Possessive pronouns

You all depends on the enviroment and situation. The workers, all they talk about is their work, so naurally they say I... and that being their focus and this DID thing is not their forte...if they even believe in it.

Just because I have no problem talking like that doesnt mean that they do ir don't either

Its up to the alter.

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