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Post Loss of Circulation

To start out short and sweet: I have mild spastic dysplasic cerebral palsy. I had multiple tendon transfers in my knees and feet in January along with two lengthenings and a cyst was removed from my hand. Walking is still quite painful as well as bending my knees and kneeling. I just started my first job after my second emergency surgery because of hardwear failure and waited until I could wear my orthotics again. (I'm 16 by the way). And I was wondering if any of you ever experienced or know about the loss of circulation in ones feet to lead to limbs falling asleep while standing. My step dad said it's cause I'm, in a more polite term, being lazy. Is it my fault? Is there any way to correct it? Any supportive advice?
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Hello Heart: I'm sorry you're experiencing this difficulty. And I don't have the answer for you. However I noticed you had not yet received any replies to this post. So I thought I would at least mention that PsychCentral has a sister website: NeuroTalk. There are quite a few members there who are knowledgeable with regard to a wide range of different physiological / medical conditions. So if you're not already familiar with NT, you might take a look at the forums over there & see if you think that might be a place you could garner some perspective with regard to your dilemma:

I wish you well...
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Default Re: Loss of Circulation

I'd certainly mention it to your doctor.
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