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Unread 04-14-2017, 07:26 PM   #21
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Default Re: Disability for mental issues?

I was denied 1st time. I am in reconsideration now. My therapist is literally begging them to get me on my disability due to the fight I have been in my whole life. I managed to struggle through work for 16 yrs until my last breakdown at work that they triggered by not working with me with an autism issue. I have Complex PTSD due to very severe abuse by multiple people. I have autism. And I have Dissociation Identity Disorder with several alternate personalities. It has been an insane life. After the work event and all that occurred, I will never be able to trust HR or humans at a workplace ever again. I have an alter inside me that has promised it will be the end if I do so. And that alter tried already several times. When that alter comes out, I physically shake and clench so hard it is scary. That alter scared my employer many different times. I do have a lawyer now, but so far I am doing to leg work. But it is just being sure to fill out my papers and get my therapist to document things for them (he is great). I do not know if I will get denied a second time, but my therapist is preparing me for it. I am not sure how they think someone who has these issues all rolled into one could even find another job. Also, which alter would get the job? Which one would show up to work? And I am just too exhausted with life to even fight the system. If I were not with a friend who helps me have a place to live I would be in bad shape. But even being able to do all this, and even if SSD is approved somehow at some point, I still have to live inside myself. And that is often a living hell. SSD would help though with one small part of this thing called life.
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Default Re: Disability for mental issues?

Awe I'm so sorry
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