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Default Diabetes Diagnosis

Today my doctor told me I have type 2 diabetes. I'm shocked. I work hard at what I eat. Some times I go over on the carbs but I pretty much eat a plant based diet. I am overweight. Well, actually I'm morbidly obese. So that doesn't help. I don't know what to think of this diagnosis.

My doctor gave my an oral medication. I don't know how serious to take this. Can I still have my pizza every once in a while? Or will it kill me? I know I have to manage this with diet and exercise.

I just feel numb.
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Default Re: Diabetes Diagnosis

You should try YouTube for type two, diets and some cool tips for well being.

I feel for you and can only imagine what it's like to get that news.

Good luck with making positive choices (∩_∩)
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Default Re: Diabetes Diagnosis

It is a very serious issue. Do lots of reading about the consequences of not keeping your blood sugar under control. A family member was diagnosed but he is able to keep his blood sugar where it should be by losing weight, walking and eating very few carbs. He also takes the oral medications the doctor gave him. Some say that if you catch it early--there is a possibility that you can reverse it but never stop medications unless you are constantly monitoring your blood sugar and sure that it is not too high! It is so important to keep your blood sugar near what it should be!!!!! People on insulan have to do exactly as the doctor says. Check out this video--this doctor says that some people (Type II only--this does not apply to Type I) who catch it early can reverse their condition:
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Default Re: Diabetes Diagnosis

{{{{ Deilla~! }}}} i was diagnosed 8 years ago,, my docs didn't pay attention because i too was "morbidly obese", and old. i had to self-diagnose and insist on treatment. it took a year for my overly cautious doc to get my meds right to keep my blood sugars down. since then i have been very careful to adjust my meds to fit my diet~ this is not generally recommended, but i would prefer to keep my sight, my feet, and my liver, than march lock-step into doom.

you will have to pay attention to what you eat for a long time, now, or forever. but that doesn't mean you can't have a pizza,,, you can just have one or two slices, not four~! people who advise cutting out carbs may not be giving great advice... the trick is to find the carbs that suit your body, and eat them in moderation. eat all things in moderation, except raw baby spinach and tomatoes and mushrooms LOL,, have some fun changing your life~! this is not all bad,, your body is telling you that years of abuse have caught up with you... and it's quite possible that the accumulation of fat was a pre-diabetic warning, which you did not understand. i have been dropping some weight lately, and it really feels good~ (i blame the salads ).

best wishes, and do keep posting, you might get a few good tips that will really make this all just another self-care chore, like showering~

Diabetes Diagnosis
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Default Re: Diabetes Diagnosis

Come and join us in the Diabetes Support Thread
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