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Default Mental health service rant

Why is it so hard to get any help in this ****ing country
It's bad enough that every time I go to the psych service I am told something different (you have a personality disorder, well actually you probably don't, well you do but not the one we originally thought, not that one either but a different one).

Then the psychiatrist I have been seeing for 2 years can't work out what treatment I need. I have been on (what I thought was) the waiting list for CBT for over 6 months. Just as I get to the top of the list psychiatrist tells me that all they will offer me are CBT or short-course therapy which won't help me, and wants me to have ECT.

Had assessment with psychologist who said that therapy will help me, but the waiting list is another 6-9 months and if (as has happened the last two attempts at therapy) I end up worse than when I started I will still be discharged after I have had my allotted sessions with probably no ongoing support.

In the meantime the psychiatrist is pushing me to agree to ECT (totally against NICE guidelines) because it looks bad for their service if they are seen to be doing nothing to help me for another 9 months. Any concerns I have raised about side-effects she just brushes off and tells me that there aren't any and patients who say there are are are just still depressed

So now, I am being forced to make this huge decision which scares me and has so many other factors involved (time off work, having to tell my family etc) when I am so depressed I can't even decide what socks to put on in the morning.

Mostly I am so p****d off at the attitude, I just want someone to take me seriously and talk to me like I am a reasonable intelligent person (I have a PhD, work in a medical field and have been involved in psychiatric research in the past FGS) but feel like they are just treating me like an idiot because I am mentally ill and therefore won't understand

Ended up crying at my GP again this morning. I know it is not her job and she has done so much to try to help me, but I really have absolutely nobody else to talk to. It feels like I have run out of options and nobody even cares.
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Default Re: Mental health service rant

I'm so sorry you are being batted around like that. It's hard to deal with a dysfunctional health provider especially when you are sick. After all that's why you are there. Opening up to your GP is good. He/she should know about the mental health side of your care. I don't have any ideas except to say I care. I've been lost in the system too receiving subpar care because that's what I can afford. Don't give up! It will be better soon. Believe that!
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Default Re: Mental health service rant

littleblackdog my complete sympathies are with you. It is hard and unjust.

I have had a worse experience and have been made to feel too much trauma to even return to the mental health team. I begged for help and they told me to leave. I refused and they called the police. They left me outside next to the railway and a level crossing. This happens only because I am strong enough not to want to delete myself from this planet. The pain we suffer is unbearable but they do not care.

Doctors take an oath of do no harm... Mental health services cause more harm..

Much love to you

Seeking support here helps more than anything....
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