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Exclamation [Minor discussion of suicide] Well...

Good evening,

I have struggled to keep my emotions together and I think today I would like to discuss it. I suffer greatly with bipolar as well as borderline personality disorder and for those who are familiar with it will know that it is sometimes absolutely difficult for everyone, not just the sufferer.

Unfortunately my girlfriend has decided that after 8 years that she "wants to move" so she can be alone, at the start she wanted to continue being together but spend time apart. Then as it progressed, she then decided she didn't want to stay together. As it stands we are coexisting together at our property but I have finally told her that if she wants to leave, and that if it would make her happier being alone, then leave.

I've decided that I really would rather not be here anymore. Life is going to be empty after 8 years of being with someone. I don't feel like I can go on? What's next for me? If anything.
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My Mood: [Minor discussion of suicide] Well...

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Default Re: [Minor discussion of suicide] Well...

That sounds tough. Many people without BPD might have thoughts that life is not worth living after a breakup like that; it's a natural human emotion. I think the fact that you're able to articulate it and post about it here instead of acting on it is a good thing.

Breakups are rough and you might feel hopeless for a long while. But eventually you'll get over her.

I hope you're safe and stay that way.
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My Mood: [Minor discussion of suicide] Well...

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Heart Re: [Minor discussion of suicide] Well...

I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time. I've made two major attempts on my life. So I have some idea of where you're at. Unfortunately I don't know as I have any particular words of wisdom to offer you beyond the sorts of things I suspect you've heard many times before. Sadly those "truisms" don't tend to mean much when you're at the point where you simply no longer see any reason to go on. All I can say is that I hope, in some way, you can find the strength to reach out for help in real life. Here are links to 3 articles, from PC's archives, on the subject of how to handle suicidal thinking the first 2 by DocJohn. Perhaps something in these articles can be of help:

Suicidal? Don't Throw Away Your Shot

Suicidal? What Van Gogh's Life Can Teach You

How to Survive Suicidal Thoughts

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