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Default Re: The Pain I Can't Take

Your posts trigger my own loneliness and my mind screams, "Look, can you help her? You can't, because you're under my evil grasp too, of mental illness. Would your parents have made you like this if they weren't under my grasp? My power has no end, you can't stop me, fake doctor, I will make you obsessed with me and you'll die being nothing and calling yourself 'Dr.Almost Nothing' will be your daily routine till the very day your suffering ends. Then death will be in power, not me. Both are your and mankind's ultimate enemies, but both of you cannot stop us."


If you've time, check this music out. It's called "A little push" from Mr.Robot. The top comment says
"You wanna know what I believe? That this isn't the end, that there's another world out there for both of us. That we'll see each other again. And we'll play, and dance, and bake, and sing. Doesn't that sound beautiful? Will you believe with me?"

Death won't be the end So. We'll transcend into a world with no pain and sorrow. That's at least what I believe. Sorry if I am being dramatic, it's just what I think about it when I read ANY of your threads.
"Be curious."
-- Dr.Stephen Hawking

Let us apply the Scientific Method to our lives.

Let's get ethical and scientific.

The Pain I Can't Take
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Default Re: The Pain I Can't Take

If it's one thing I know about you Só leigheas, it's that you have the power of endurance, a strength. And I believe you'll get through the storm as well.

Thanks for sharing (((Só leigheas))). Nothing is in vain.
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