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Default Lonely

I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I'm unemployed and need to come up with excuses often to leave the house everyday. I hav a few friends that I see once or twice a week and a few more that I communicate with mainly through text but that's it. No girlfriend. Today I'm feeling in control of my anxiety and depression but am extremely lonely, even more than usual. I use pornography and sex as a distraction but I'm trying not to do that today.
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Default Re: Lonely

Sometimes going for a walk outside helps? Or just people watching at the mall?
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Default Re: Lonely

Turning anything you find interesting or enjoyable into some kind of routine can be good for helping to get you consistently out and about.

You can also run errands and the like, because you can get a little pick-me-up from getting something useful done.

Are you talking about social anxiety, or agoraphobia, or general anxiety?

Personally, I had good results with going to exercise classes at a local community centre. There is a little social interaction, but it's limited to an extent -- so it's a fairly "safe" environment if you have social anxiety. It's a way of easing back into things. And there is the personal push of not wanting to miss a class, even on days when you have a relapse and don't feel like it. So if you can find some hobby or activity like that, it can help.
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