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Default Re: Depression used to be my unique challenge. Now I see it as never getting better.

Originally Posted by Frankbtl View Post
Hi starrysky

Yes, there can be biological causes but don't underestimate situational causes too..........or triggers..........
And even with biological factors, sometimes there can still be some things you can do, if not to cure it completely forever, but to "smooth some of those edges" when things are absolutely you keep on trying to defy it, I know there can be times when nothing you do can help (much?).........but keep it up, it matters, and real kudos to you in how you've been trying to defy it when you could so far!!!

But Winterbritt had a great strategy that may help there and it brought to mind CBT........and even without therapy there are lots of worksheets you can find online which could help with that.........

And maybe set yourself some achievable goals in some of those things you've found may help e.g. "I don't feel like it, but I am going to clean that half of my room tomorrow morning", reminding yourself that after can rest, and if there are any other rewards you can give yourself after doing that??
So yes, maybe break tasks down into more managable steps............and thinking about the knitting.........would it motivate you more if you worked on knitting e.g. a scarf to pass onto a charity shop or homeless charity..........whatever things you have like that where you are..........perhaps a bigger sense of achievement with that........unless you have family/friends you'd rather do that for.........??
And keep reminding yourself of the "slightly better" feelings you've obviously felt in the past at times you've done some of those things.............

With others........if you don't feel able to socialise at times and you feel those connections slipping..........then even if you could send a brief text if you can..........just some sort of connection maybe??

So.......just some thoughts..........

But hang in already know that things can be/get better and you deserve that!!!
And lastly........again, real kudos to you in how you've been trying to defy it when you could so far!!!

Hi Alison! I very much appreciate your encouragement. I'm working on writing something, a reminder (though typed, its 3 pages long), on how i can take care of myself, feel better, etc. while living with depression. Some of that involves nutrition, and an anti-inflammatory diet. Yes, I really liked Winterbritt's response and suggestions too. CBT comes to my mind too. Maybe my approach is shifting. Maybe that's not a bad thing though. Maybe it's a good thing One thing I'm telling myself, in terms of showing up: "My goal is not to feel like it, its not to enjoy it, it's just to go to it.". It worked today. . I like your motivation ideas for knitting, cleaning, and social connection. You are right, I can rest. And I'll tell myself that!
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Default Re: Depression used to be my unique challenge. Now I see it as never getting better.

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Default Re: Depression used to be my unique challenge. Now I see it as never getting better.

This is so lovely!!

I have a blog at where I write about how I deconstruct my negative thoughts and shift my perception step by step.

"I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, eventually you will become it." Tyler Kent White
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Default Re: Depression used to be my unique challenge. Now I see it as never getting better.

Originally Posted by starrysky View Post
Ok. So, I am coming to learn some things about depression, like that it is biological. And I feel though, that when I think of it that way, I don't try. Before, I kind of imagined it as this bad habit I had, that I needed to overcome, and it was like, my unique personal challenge, to work on. Now I'm just like "well, it's biological, genetic, things will never really change." I've stopped trying. And it feels awful!!! Specifically, I feel like I'm isolating myself from others, and I'm not doing the stuff that will make me feel better. Like clean my room, read, knit. Does anyone know how I can get some motivation or how to get myself to do things? I want depression to be my unique challenge again (not that I want it at all, but if I have it, I want to be able to have hope and deal with it constructively)! Help!
I read a book that really helped me with the motivation problems which are a big wall to overcoming the "don't want to" syndrome. They used the Nike quote, Just DO It." It is really hard to clean out a closet, so begin with dusting one room, washing, folding and putting away one load of laundry, putting the clean dishes away. Honestly, as hard as it is, you will find it a little easier each time. Plus you can see that you're not useless. Just make your bed if that;s all you can do, trust me, over time, you will feel better.
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