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Default Re: Alive

Originally Posted by sinking View Post
Thank you both for answering.

today i saw my T and i feel a little better now. i got to vent some about my every day life at home... and relationships/work.... i just want my T to understand why i see life as a cage. its hard though because she seems to have such a positive view on life... too much!

Winterbritt, something good? maybe my family (parents and brother). but they are the ones making me feel horrible at the same time too, so i dont know... every single thing i can think of as good is at the same time source of great stress/pain... work, relationships, T, hopes.... so i really dont know.... maybe my cats then? until they are alive? but what does it change?
I asked you that because when I felt very bad, it helped me to kind of think of my heart as a whole with parts being dedicated to different things. Like I was basically just miserable for a lot of different reasons. And I thought maybe even if the majority of my heart was dedicated to misery, I could make a small section of my heart for good things. Like just a little place to take a break from being miserable.

So I was like, ok, if I must feel miserable and I can't change it, then what else could I also feel? I have these four dogs. And I always worried endlessly that they would die in a fire, or be dead when I woke up in the morning, get sick etc. etc. They were like the best thing in my life but also caused me so much heartache.

None of the things in my life felt like they were completely good. But there were things that were partly good. So I started really purposefully trying to be thankful for the good part of things. Like I am so grateful I have a friend. I am so grateful that my cat exists. I am so thankful I got the chance to meet them on this crazy planet.

You watch for that glimmer of goodness in something and you snatch it up and hold on to it, and celebrate it's existence. And the more I did that the more the bad parts of the things mattered less and less.
I have a blog at where I write about how I deconstruct my negative thoughts and shift my perception step by step.

"I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, eventually you will become it." Tyler Kent White
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"Thanks for this!" says:

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Default Re: Alive

Murderface, yes it could be a good point of view but i dont have much confidence in my ability to make changes.... i dont even know what i want or what could help me....

Winterbritt, this sounds very interesting, reassuring, beautiful, useful and giving hope.
Thank you for sharing this here, i'll treasure it
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Default Re: Alive

Thanks Winterbritt. Excellent advice.
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