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Default Not sure im ready

The last couple of months have been okay for me, I guess. I've struggled but have been able to persevere. The thing is now my mental health team is moving me down to a lower level of treatment. I think I'm ready but at the same time I don't. I have struggled and just because I have stayed out of the hospital they think I'm ready to move on in my treatment. I know that this is a good thing but what if I fail. What if something happens and I have less support than I did before and I don't make it through. I know I shouldn't worry about it but it bugs me. What if I'm not ready.
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Default Re: Not sure im ready

It's a change. Change is hard. That's what your mind is flipping out over most n finding all sorts of "reasons" to hide that one true reason. You said you have been doing well. What causes you to feel that may not continue to be the case? If you do falter, won't they just hospitalize you n put you back on the treatment level you are now? If you have reason to believe you need hospitalization, can you not request an evaluation?
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Default Re: Not sure im ready

You have nothing to fear but fear itself, they are pretty carefull about confidence in your care ,and contrary to what most think there will be more of a safety net around you,in case you do de compensate.
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Default Re: Not sure im ready

I agree with Crypts Of The Mind. I think you are worried about your mental health deteriorating and need a safety net. It will be ok. If you do deteriorate, how quickly can you get back to a higher level of care? Sending big hugs.
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