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Default Depression?

Don't everybody at times feel sad? Are we all mentally ill? Are pills the answer? Or do we need time and change?
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Default Re: Depression?

Originally Posted by Mightymax View Post
Don't everybody at times feel sad? Are we all mentally ill? Are pills the answer? Or do we need time and change?
There is a difference between being sad occasionally (as most people experience) and depression. We aren't all mentally ill because most of us experience sadness from time to time. Pills are not always the answer. Medication doesn't work for everyone and some have to use other means to find relief. Time and change can be very helpful. Are you experiencing some sadness right now? Best wishes.
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Default Re: Depression?

I think sadness is something every human experiences, it's a natural emotion to have. However, sadness is different from depression, which is a mental illness that can look like sadness...but it's so much more. In cases of severe depression, sometimes more serious treatment like medication or even ECT is required.
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Default Re: Depression?

Sadness and depression are different things. Constant, intense/severe sadness is a symptom of depression, but there are other symptoms of depression such as change of sleeping and eating habits, weight change, uninterested in previously fun things, and more.

Currently, it is said that 1 in 5 suffer from a mental illness, at least in Canada. I think the world's statistic is also very similar.

Pills are sometimes the answer. Depends on the person. Some people can manage with life style changes such as exercise, diet, meditation, talking to someone, etc.. Others need medication to function. I went off my medication and things didn't turn out so well for me, so I ended up going onto medications again and feel much better.

Change can help reduce symptoms of depression, along with time, but is not the full solution. Depression is a complex disorder.
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