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Unhappy Work - Job

I haven't been able to show up to work regularly since this depression relapse last year. I went through periods where I was able to show up a few days a week, a period when i was in IOP that I didn't go in at all, and for the past few months I made a commitment with my boss that I would make a set schedule with my manager and stick to that (even if it was only one day a week) but over the past few weeks I haven't even been able to stick with that.

I will make a commitment to come in on certain days and sometimes I just cannot get out of bed on those days and can't go in.

This has been going on for a year now and they've cut me a lot of slack and today I was called in to the office and told I must make a commitment that I am comfortable with and stick to it or else I must look for other options i.e. they can't keep me employed there.

I have to let them know on Tuesday what my decision is. I should be anxious but all I want to do is stay in bed.

I've been worried for a long long time that this behavior was going to put my job in jeopardy and today that worry came true.
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Default Re: Work - Job

I'm happy your sharing this difficult time, instead of bottling it up. It great that your job is willing to be flexible. Sounds like a great job.😊

Continue to share how your doing. Not everyone feels comfortable making comments, but many do read.....(I'm guilty of that alot) 😘

Hope you come to a decision your comfortable with. !
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Default Re: Work - Job

That's my life right now
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Default Re: Work - Job

If your job has benefits such as disability insurance you should attempt to use them , or if they don't you need to apply post haste for Social Security disability income, go to a lawyer and have them start pushing the paperwork on Monday , there is a certain amount of money they will charge from your back pay , I think the maximum now is $6000 , but it will cost you nothing up front or out of your pocket and since it is routine to have your initial application denied just because they can , you will be and will need the attorney for the appeals process , I am unfortunately very serious you need to do this first thing Monday even if the house falls on you pick up the phone and do it , it hurts , life sucks it's embarrassing for most people ,however losing everything you have worked for is much worse , it can take as long as 3 years to get thru the appeals and get money and insurance coming in , so make a realistic commitment with your employer on Tuesday but also inform them you are applying for social security disability, this will put the law on your side and give you hopefully a bail out plan in order to keep your job and or your position to go back to when you are feeling better ,if you have a Doctor and therapist get them involved they will be needed , if you don't have one get one ASAP , I am throwing alot of stuff at you and I know it sounds really hard, but it's for your benefit and we'll being.if you need any questions answered or want to talk post me or PM me , I will help you through this if you need or want the help , I have been through the process ( I was a Firefighter and now for the last 10 years been on compassionate Social Security disability, went from "living the dream" to "dreaming about living") hang in there my friend ,but definitely do these things to protect yourself and maintain an income. Don't wait like I said you need help and protection right now , so reach out , it's out there but you have to go to it .


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Default Re: Work - Job

Hope things will improve. Feel free to share your feelings here - we'll listen.

Aren't there any special organizations to help people with mental illness? I'm not sure :/
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Default Re: Work - Job

I'm sorry, is fmla an option? If not it sounds like it's time to pursue disability. I wish you the best. Big hugs
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Default Re: Work - Job

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