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Default purpose

hey everyone,

im not quite sure where to place this post, but i guess it can work out here...

so ive been struggling with depression with quite a while now, and ive just been thinking "whats the point??" whats the point of everything, waking up everyday, suffering, going to sleep...and repeat. im wondering what everyone elses "purpose" to daily life is, what really motivates you on a daily basis...

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Default Re: purpose

I heard on the radio talk show recently, Life is supposed to be hard. That rather changes the perspective doesn't it?

I decided that for the time being my purpose is to give. Whether it's time, talent or money -right now- I D K but less than 12 hours of deciding I would stick around to just "give," my church called for an increased donation. Guess they have a hotline to heaven eh?

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Default Re: purpose

This is what I ponder every single minute of my waking life. I suppose the point is to make your own goals and accomplish them. To feel a sense of 'achievement'. Then you die.

..sorry my words are discouraging.. :[ .. Enjoy any happiness you feel in your life.
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Default Re: purpose

That is a hard question to answer. I suppose my motivation is my son. At one point, even that wasn't enough to stop me from doing something stupid, but since then I have the desire to survive. That is what motivates me.
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