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Default Depressed and nothing helps

I'm a 20+ year depressive person since i was 19. I really had depressive minor since i was a small child. I went to so many docs and im not helped. Currently doing intesive psychterapy and seeing a pdoc. Im on seroquel, klonopin, wellbutrin, deplin, cymbalta but it seems im refractory. Laying in bed till 5PM and not going to work. Extremely irritable and lost. Can anyone be of assistance. Nobody seems to understand me, even my parents. Im now separaed also and feel at the end of the rope, is there any reason to remain optomistic?

Please help.



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Default Re: Depressed and nothing helps

Hey there ): sorry you are going through a really rough time. We're here to listen whenever you need a space to talk!

As for reasons to remain optimistic? Well, that really depends from person to person. But I continue because of my love for food, my family, and my friends. And that as long as there is a fiber left in me that wants to be free of this depression, I'll fight through my days even if I'm numb because even if it's a little spark of wanting to life it can quickly grow into a flame as long as I keep feeding it. Aka as long as I have even the slightest hope about a better future I will continue.

There are always new treatments and ideas coming out since depression is now a "hot" issue so I think there is still a lot of hope

Best of luck!
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Default Re: Depressed and nothing helps

Hi, such an insightful reply from keeprolling so I don't really want to say that much more (keep keeprolling's reply in our mind!).
Just that if your psychtherapy isn't really helping you, maybe you could look into options for changing to another/another type of therapist. And I'm sure people on here will/do understand you, you're not alone. So keep on talking to us we're here for you!!
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Default Re: Depressed and nothing helps

I am in the same boat. 20 years of treatment. Been on every drug there is. Depressed since the seventh grade. Depression has gotten worse as I got older to the point I feel I can no longer work. I am 50 years old and have had to accept this disease and learn how to manage it. Sometimes that means just being depressed and riding it out. I cycle in and out. I have given up at times but through the encouragement of friends and family have always managed to reach out for help once again. It seems just the act of doing something about it gives me hope. Have had to switch meds try different combinations ect ect. Currently I am not depressed so there is hope. Keep rolling and ride it out. I believe we have to give ourselves permission to be depressed.
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