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Hello! This is my first post here. I live in HUD senior housing. Last week I got bent outta shape and emailed my manager, shared with three other residents who are directly concerned, and now I have a copy to snail-mail to the arrogant corporation that runs senior housing up and down the state. My upstairs neighbor has been here 7 years. I got here 2-1/2 years ago. I knew from Week 2 of my arrival in Heaven on Earth that I had had it with D. It sounds like she's dropping bowling balls. And she stomps all over her apartment. I now believe she's wearing ankle weights and when she finishes with her little dumb bells, she drops them from on high. This woman seems to thrive on upset, loves to cause trouble. There are rumors that she steals from people who are failing and about to move to a nursing home anyway. My emails to the manager allowed them to take the 78-year-old woman to court, but the judge was soft and we only got a settlement. D. has to clean up her act and she can move into the next available ground floor unit. The sappy woman judge told us to "be nice" to one another! It was pretty quiet at first, but D. is getting noisy again. The trial was in August. In October this woman stood in the flower bed and put her nose against my bedroom window. I was sitting there half dressed, blissed out with my knitting and an audio book. I feel so violated. This was enough to "vacate" the legal business and put the woman out! She accosts people in the hallways, is outrageous! Her next door neighbor hears bedroom noises you would not believe. It's quite X-rated. And no, I'm not jealous!!! This neighbor is so damaged from long-ago family abuse that she can't raise her voice! The judge didn't hear her testimony or that of the manager.

My car died in April. I was riding the community bus when the manager stomped on the brake and the bus stopped but I kept going. I think the manager hid the accident from her bosses. She tail-gates badly. Somebody paid the chiropractor ("nothing broken"), but now the manager isn't sure about the ER and another clinic bill. I hate this confusion! I don't have a good case for a lawyer because I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I flew 4-5 feet and was in pain for a month, could not take a deep breath. After that, waves of being tired, uninspired. It took 3 months total to feel good again. . . I didn't get a car until November. That was a marvelous working out; I walked into a dealer by mistake and they made me a deal on a 2001 white Buick Century with low miles. I have not been that well treated since maybe my wedding day.

In the last month I kept a VA medical appointment and was told I have cataracts. We've had inspection, a damned fool Christmas dinner way too early, and now the annual number crunching on Tuesday for me, and on Friday the pest guys are going to unmake all our beds looking for bed bugs. They destroyed a whole wall of books because the manager found one bug. The manager is a nice lady but she thinks every car has a Cadillac converter. She says would've went and might-could. Her higher-ups keep her on a two-inch leash. I think it is their arrogance that bothers me so much. They're all concerned with their image and not a whit about our quality of life of if we have a chance at a good night's sleep.

I know the anger I feel is not good for me. I try to do what has to be done and then just reach for a better thought -- my work with orphaned and injured wild animals, knitting little clothes for thrift shop dolls to give to hispanic field workers' kids. And then when I go to check mail or do my laundry, I run into people I feel no resonance with. They're all stupid or hard of hearing -- or both! And D. is frightening! Everyone is scared of her -- especially the manager! I suspect the manager and her boss are trying to take care of things without taking them higher -- so they're trashing me over the peeking incident. And when I have a level playing field, even without the noise upstairs, I still have challenges bathing regularly, cooking for myself, getting out and about. My name here is "dummy stitch" in Spanish for what knitters call garter stitch -- just knit-knit-knit -- a favorite because it keeps in the warmth. [Anybody wanna trade lives? Just kidding!]
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