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Trig Friend attempted suicide?

I have this one friend who always seemed really happy, a little bit crazy, definitely not someone I would think had depression. At lunch, we somehow got on the topic of suicide (The suicide prevention club was meeting that day and someone must've mentioned it), and my friend sort of said off hand, "I think I've attempted suicide." This totally caught me off guard, partly because I never would have guessed it and partly because she was so unconcerned. I'm not sure if this is just a comment she made that we should all forget, or if I should maybe ask her for more information. I haven't told anyone, and I'm not sure if I should, since it's kind of personal. (Obviously now I'm telling the Internet, but I'm pretty sure there's no possible way to get her identity from this).
Anyone else had this happen? Or something like it? Is it possible to be really unconcerned about an attempted suicide? Should I do something or ignore it?
It should be noted that we are friends, but we aren't really close, which makes it more difficult. Also, she's not the type to want to talk about her weaknesses or anything personal.
I hope you have a really great day.

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Default Re: Friend attempted suicide?

You know, everybody wears a mask, it's surprising. Most people try to make out that they're having fun and enjoying life, especially to their friends, none of my friends would ever guess that I am the way I am.
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Default Re: Friend attempted suicide?

I wouldn't tell anyone else, but I would ask her about it. Like was it recently or a long time ago. Sometimes when something like that happens a long time ago it just leaves a flat affect. If it is recent however she may need some help.
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