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Unread 05-17-2013, 05:28 AM   #1
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Question How do you know?

How do you know if you really are depressed?
I have some symptoms of depression but not nothing major. I rarely cry or have suicidal thoughts. I want to be dead, but I wouldn't kill myself. But that's just because I have nothing going for my life.
I feel sad a lot but like I said I rarely ever cry. I get embarrassed fairly easily, mostly because I'm extremely shy. I sleep a lot, but that's just because I have nothing better to do. Yes, the future seems hopeless to me, but isn't that just my fault for wasting years away doing nothing but complain and moan.
It could just be written off as just laziness or loneliness, so how can you tell, or prove if it's depression. How would a GP see it? How do you see it? How did you know?
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Default Re: How do you know?

You just wrote a lot of symptoms. Frequent sadness, sleep alot, hopelessness, wanting to be dead. I'm sure there are alot more symptoms that you have that you haven't thought of yet.

You do need to talk to your doctor -- he can refer you to a good therapist. Therapy does work!! If you can't afford therapy or if you don't have insurance that covers it, your doctor can still help you.

I've been thru therapy, and I've also been treated for depression for 40 years! I've been doing quite well, with just a few bumps in the road. So please call your doctor!! Believe me, you won't regret it. God bless and please let us know what happens, okay? Hugs, Lee
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Default Re: How do you know?

I still haven't sure I am really depressed. I didn't thought I had depression until I went to this doctor.
I don't have all the typical depression symptoms, maybe because I started having it even when I was a first there were only the laziness, the difficulty to start a thought, being very, very shy and secretive, fearing all types of criticism, don't really rely on anyone and having some kind of coping (I still don't know what it is) that makes the world and the reality feel so far away. But my lifes was ok, I had things I enjoyed to do like Reading and maths. Along the way I had some months with insomnia because I feared I couldn't sleep, but after my parents promised me a bike as a reward, everything went fine.
When I entered my teenager years I couldn't accept my body because I feared the others judgement and criticism about it so, I tryed to be more like a boy. Eventualy I could live better with myself the way I was. But at my 12 years old I started having pains all over my body, first at the chest, then stomach, then my head. And in the following 6 years I went to a lot of doctors who always told me I wasn't sick, but I just felt so bad like I was going to die. After this time I couldn't have feelings and make friends any more. But i didn't notice the change.
I started having more conscious at my 15 and I was pretty sure I wouldn't ever get depression because I couldn't become sad. I had this amazing capacity to always forget and distance from the things that possibly bothered me. So I never told anyone my issues, because they weren't issues for me. Once a boy slapped me on the face and I didn't care and I didn't tell anyone. My sister found about, and worried as she was she came talk to me, but I was more embarrased that she had discover that anything else. So any difficulty I had, social fear, anything was never a problema to me and I was always laughing and making fun cause my life wasn't my life.
I'm worse now. But I never developed suicidal thoughts, I never became hopeless because of my amazing capacity to Forget things as they had happened to someone else and because I can't think about future. I never made plans, I never had a single goal in my life and as I naturaly avoid to think about things i just can't imagine myself in a future. I have no eating or sleeping problems. The only thing i notice when I got worse (at my 17) was feeling sleepy all day and I don't feel like this anymore. I never been sad, when I got worse all that I want to do was laugh and rest.
I just feel like my thoughts are stucked and it gets me harder to think, that my memory sucks, that my mind is completly confused. That I can't make a conversation with anyone, that I feel nervous and I start calling me stupid anytime I interact with someone as the grocery's man. And at the end I Forget it once again.
If someone gives me the choice I would stay all my day at computer, getting bothered. I just feel like doing nothing. Every little challange I take at college overwhelms me. What I have to do I complete, but I most of the times i feel on the edge. I can study and sometime have great grades besides everything. And I feel mentally tired almost of the time.
My doctor told me depression can have many diferent forms, maybe there aren't two people with the exact same symptoms. When I was by my own on the web, searching about my disease I find I have symptoms very related to squizofrenia, autismo, squizoid personality disorder, AHDH, and other personality disorders. I think only a good doctor can tell you what you have, because they have experience with all the forms the disease can assume.
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Default Re: How do you know?

IcrywhoIam, it sounds like you do have a depression, but it may be either situational or chemical. I would see a doctor, and get referred to a psychiatrist. Also if you are in a situation where you can go to therapy on a regular basis, do go. If you can't, try therapetic journaling.
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Default Re: How do you know?

For me it's just obvious. Plus it's been going on every second of every day for six years, so.
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