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My Mood: How I got rid of depression |Why it can never come back

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Default Re: How I got rid of depression |Why it can never come back

Originally Posted by Winterbritt View Post
I argued about how depression was a legitimate disease and that it wasn't my choice, and how it's hereditary and how no one understands. And I got defensive and angry when anyone suggested I could do anything to fix it, even though I wanted nothing more than to fix it. And being a victim of depression became my identity.
Depression isn't a disease and it isn't someone's choice. Who would choose to be depressed? And the predisposition can make someone succeptible to mental illness but it is no guarantee. I do not know if it can be 'fixed' in the way you are inferring. It can be treated.
You have to sacrifice your ego. You have to stop needing to be right about yourself. You have to stop needing to be the victim of depression. And that's hard, I know. Because sometimes it feels like that's the only true thing you know. And it might not even make sense to you yet at all, and if not, don't worry. It will.
I am confused about why you are saying that people are victims of depression. Depression isn't a person or thing with self will or the ability to actively seek to harm a person. I do agree that sometimes being depressed and how it manifests can become part of someone's identity and that it needs to be reframed in order for it to be treated. I do not think this has anything at all to do with ego.
All you have to do is consider that maybe there there's another explanation, another point of view, another set of beliefs that gives you the power and the control over your mind. And maybe you can just open up your mind a little, and shift your perspective, and maybe your mind could change itself in front of your every eyes.
Mind over matter is powerful but I think equally powerful is a chemical imbalance that when untreated can make life very hard. I think this is why proper meds is key.

Maybe you aren't a victim at all. Maybe you're actually ok. Maybe you've had the power all along.
You have to sacrifice the story that you tell about yourself. You have to be willing to start writing a new story. You have to be brave enough to consider what life would be like if you were ok. You have to stick your neck out just a tiny bit and risk having hope. You have to get clear about what being ok means. You have to be willing to picture yourself bright and happy. And I know that's hard.
You keep saying "victim" and it makes me think of blame. I think a lot of people hope for a normal life and feel stuck with how to get there. Rather than emphasizing this apparent mind over matter opinion you have, I think talking about proper treatment with meds, therapy and lifestyle change makes more sense and is realistic.
You can change your brain. You can reroute your neural pathways. You can purposely and step-by-step choose what your life is going to feel like. You get to write the script of your life and paint all the scenery.
It sounds like you have found the cure to a chemical imbalance. When are you going to publish the be all/end all self help book that also completely corrects a physical chemical imbalance? That's sarcastic I realize but your message of hope is completely lost when you toss around the word victim and minimize the legitimate, chemical imbalance in the brain.
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My Mood: How I got rid of depression |Why it can never come back

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Default Re: How I got rid of depression |Why it can never come back

Love your perspective. Thanks, I needed to read this.
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