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Default The Joke

With the passing of the days,
it gets harder just to say
what is real and what is dream,
what is hope when life seems

to have plans for my destruction--
just a part of my construction.
Plans t'were laid years ago--
Watch me bounce to and fro

according to the Pattern's whim
even as my life grows dim,
long before my time is due,
but here's a secret, just for you:

It's all a joke at our expense,
that is why it makes no sense--
we're all expected to play our part
and ignore the yearnings of our heart.

For in the end it's all in vain,
all of our suffering, all of our pain:
my hell--to know before I die
while all those years ahead still lie.
"Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit."
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Default Re: The Joke

Enjoyed it. It has real potential.
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Default Re: The Joke

I like this. Thank you.
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