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Default Depression

What is depression?
It's just a feeling right, that might keep you up at night?
Wrong, it's a mental disease where you never feel any peace,
you beg for the demons to leave but they would rather tease then to ever allow you to be at ease.
What is depression?
It's a mood you can change.
Wrong, it's a hell that's deranged. You're lost in a catastrophic gaze feeling nothing but pain and counting the days until the bitter end.
Loneliness becomes your friend because only empty space can understand what you conceal, the nothingness that you feel.
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Default Re: Depression

Depression for me is a black hole that i cant` see a way out, because of my horrible demons` and traumas`!! Some days` are better than others, today i feel great! Most probably because the sun is out and the daffodils` are dancing in the warm breeze!! ("Yippee". Spring is on its` way) I know my issues` will never go away `BUT` if i keep my brain in a positive active state, then i can keep them at bay!!
`ME,YOU,US are really strong in body and mind, "And the proof" Is this Forum with good and decent people who understands` each others` needs`!

`So i thank you all, just for being there!!
My home is my sanctuary and also my prison.
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Default Re: Depression

Thanks for sharing. Nicely written
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Default Re: Depression

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