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continuosly blue
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Default Re: undeserving

Thatís one reason why I can never really feel happy. I grew up knowing that at some pointĒ the other shoe is going to dropĒ. Good times donít last. Thatís why I cherish every moment that things are ok , or everything is just quiet. I like boring now. I also have lived long enough to know that pain is not far away.
I try to live my life with just a lot of gratitude in my heart when things are quiet.
And pray for the strength to be able to get through the rough times. Which are sure to come. Also my ď illness ď makes it very hard for me to be truly happy.
When good things happen I act like they didnít. I canít even take a compliment well. Iíll just ignore it. I just try and live moment to moment appreciating the very small, but beautiful things in life. I just love a beautiful sunset. But see , why didnít I say sunrise ?
Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

*Disclaimer * Anything I have posted is strictly my own personal opinion or experience , and is in no way, shape, or form
meant to portray a professional assesment of any kind.
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Default Re: undeserving

I know a lot of my feelings of being undeserving stemmed from my self-criticism, which stemmed from my anxiety.

I think fear is at the root of not feeling enough.
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