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Default Re: I hate people

I find it helpful to imagine different ways the world could be. Afterwards I can scale down the version in my head, for instance I find it useful to say "**** it" to a lot of things and people I worry about. I also like to be honest about what feelings I am feeling. It frees me to name the feelings that are shadows behind the person I want to be. When I'm angry, that is a feeling that can really hide behind niceness for me. I am working on admitting what I want, this makes me feel the most free. I look at feelings as books in a library. I can take out any book I want and enjoy it.
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Default Re: I hate people

Originally Posted by mote.of.soul View Post
No, it's not stupid, it's an attempt to deal with something positively, so it's good. One thing I practise all the time though, is letting go. As soon as you notice the triggering thoughts - which activate the negative feelings - begin entering the mind, let them go, quickly[!] Focus on something else. Let them go as if they were a disease. They are a disease, my friend, especially if regulating your emotions is a real problem for you, like me. Things like mindfulness and meditation are useful tools for that purpose.
I definitely have a hard time dealing with my emotions and it's hard for me to let go. I'm trying to focus on what makes me feel good though.
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Default Re: I hate people

I'm socially isolated due to my symptoms and I'm in a bad place. I go out of my house twice a day.
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Default Re: I hate people

I won't necessarily say I HATE people, but I certainly feel much better when they are not around. True, there are people that I hate, but I don't constantly think about them or why I feel that way. Most of what I like to do most others don't, so I wind up by myself, anyway.
I go about my own business, and keep my mind on myself and my life. I expect the same courtesy from the rest of the world.
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