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Default Re: C-PTSD & First Memory ...

The very earliest thing I can remember is from before I was 2, and it is not traumatic. It is just an impression of a visual snapshot and a moment of understanding. Some say you don't form lasting memories until you have the language to code them but this obviously doesn't include traumatic memories which are encoded as sensory flashbacks rather than verbal narratives. This narrative memory, short though it is, is not traumatic in any way.
My earliest traumatic memories are from age 2. From then on it's a bit of a mess.
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Confused Re: C-PTSD & First Memory ...

Here's something I have no memory of but that my parents old me about when I was a bit older. I guess that around the time I was an infant there had been several children who died in their cribs when milk from their bottles curdled in their airways suffocating them.

One evening, my parents had put me to bed with a bottle. They heard me choke, or make some kind of crying sound, & then go silent. They rushed in & I apparently wasn't breathing. My father, as I recall him telling it, picked me up by my legs & hit me backwards against the nearest wall which dislodged two curdled balls of milk from my nostrils.

I've always struggled with a great amount of fear in my life. And I wonder if, perhaps, that experience was at the root of that. It may be that in that moment my father both rescued me, & destroyed me, at the same time.
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