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Exclamation Mood Tracker?

Has anyone else noticed that the Mood Tracker tool that tracks Mania, Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep is no longer available. I've been trying for days and I keep getting the same message: This page isnít working is currently unable to handle this request.

Not sure if it's just my computer or what's going on. If you are having the same problem or have heard anything about it let me know.

Krista Marie
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My Mood: Mood Tracker?

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Default Re: Mood Tracker?

Hello and welcome!!
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Default Re: Mood Tracker?

It seems to work fine for me, Zafara. Maybe you should ask DocJohn or one of the Mods for help. I'm sure they'll be glad to help. Sending many hugs to you
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My Mood: Mood Tracker?

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Default Re: Mood Tracker?

Sorry about that. If you were not already logged into Mood Tracker from a week or so ago, it would have given you an error when you tried to login.

It should be all fixed now. Please let us know if it isn't. Thanks!
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