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Confused Re: trigeminal neuralgia

Originally Posted by shezbut View Post
The intensity of these pains is mind-blowing to me! So far, I've been given carbamazepine to fight the pain, which does help a lot. However, I've been fighting side effects of the medicine ever since I started taking it just over one month ago. I'm in a bad position.

Should I try to be put onto another medicine (hoping that it helps as well) or just continue to deal with the ongoing side effects? It's bad diarrhea...every day. Miserable.

Does anyone here have any experience with this illness?
Hello, I have TN 2 (constant pain to some degree or another.) I have had it 21 years, tried many treatments. Right now I wear transdermal opiod patches and take tegretol. My inactivity because of the pain makes me depressed, and a lot of the time I canít give a clear reason; I am depressed and afraid a lot. Like most people with TN, I would appreciate guidance on fighting back.

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Default Re: trigeminal neuralgia

I wish I knew what to suggest, Ruby. Mine is triggered by things like air blowing on my face, so I protect it the best I can.
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