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Default Envy

Do you ever look at strong, confident and well adjusted adults and feel envy that they didn't experience neglect, and that they had it so nice growing up?

It feels like a life long battle to be like everyone else and I think if I hadn't experienced so much neglect I could have been a stronger more successful and stable person. Instead I always feel like I'm weak, stupid and lagging behind, despite my best attempts to the contrary. Does anyone else think about this?
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Miss P
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Default Re: Envy

I can see where you're at, but, I'd like to offer a flip side, being, I know plenty of these strong, well adjusted adults, and, I'm ready to bet, they didn't have it all peachy. You just need to scratch the surface, to discover, their scared, and they feel like us. They just learned different strategies, looked at things a different way, etc...I know, because I count some of the people, who have survived neglect, as being among the strongest people I've known x
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Default Re: Envy

((((Eleny)))) You don't know what's going on in their lives. Perhaps they're struggling more than you think, despite their appearence. Be kind to yourself: you're very strong, as well, because you're fighting every day and you're still standing despite your struggles.
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