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Default what Do You do when you always hated your own Family

i understand that families aint prefect. have i have hard trouble viewing my family has fake, controlling , manipulative. they never admit to anything wrong AND some how they got the room to talk or tell me how i should live or do. self centered. even growing up i just never really cared to want to spend time with them. or care about them at all. cause they have always had the need to control me all threw out my life. and they just tell me there just helping me. when thats not what i feel. and cause of this i became rebel against whatever they tried to get me to do. even if it really bad i just wont do what they want. but they know how to guilt trip and even still take control of things.
I just grew so much hate for them they cant figure out why am so mean to them. They have helped me when needed. But i am still confused to why i feel so much hate ?
i cant being around them no longer then 5 mins at the least.
i lived with some of my family but all i want to do is find way to get out in my head am thinking it , but dont go anywhere
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Well... I don't know as I have much of anything to offer in the way of an answer to the question you posed in your title. I don't know as I'd say I always hated my family. But I didn't like them... & I got as far away from them as possible as soon as I could. I basically never went back. They're all long since dead now. And I still can't work up much in the way of fond memories for them. Sometimes I wonder if it was more me than them. But I really don't know. I suppose there was probably plenty of blame to go around. Anyway... I would presume this is the sort of thing one would need to explore, in depth & over time, in therapy if one wanted to get to the bottom of it. I don't have any plans to do so.
"The mind knows right and wrong. Breath makes no distinction. If we concentrate our breath and don't let the mind interfere with it, it remains soft and pure. Who else but a child can do this?" Chiao Hung (1541-1620)
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