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Default Throat not working, can't converse

I am 49. In my 20's I was bulimic for six years. I am experiencing a Very scratchy throat now that impedes me talking for even two minutes. This used to happen in my 20's. It disappeared for around 20 years after I stopped. The consequences from those years have now reared. It hinders my work because I am expected to train people. I sometimes have to stop and reschedule meetings because of my throat not working. I am going to see a doctor to see if anything can help. I thought I would ask all of you who are well-versed in the area. Does anyone know more details about this kind of thing? Or what you would call this particular situation? Do any of you have this issue? Please tell me something can help. At this rate, I won't be able to talk at all in 10 years.
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Default Re: Throat not working, can't converse

I just looked up an ENT type of journal. They wrote that the likelihood of acid reflux coming into direct contact with the actual larynx seems unlikely and uncommon. Not that with active acid reflux hoarseness doesn't exist. From what I briefly scanned--not being an expert on either side of the discussion, seems it does affect the voice but not fully understood either.

When do you see the doctor? Could it be something different than past behavior? Have you had any recent colds? This winter season seems worse for many especially with lost voices.

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Default Re: Throat not working, can't converse

It's good you are taking action...I have very similar to how you describe. I had several repeated visits to my current doc, before even being referred to Ent. I first had bouts of losing my voice 20 years this day, nobody knows what the "problem" is. I'm lucky for now, as I work from home, who knows what the future brings, right? I worry also, I'll completely lose my voice in time.

Good luck, please do keep us posted. I'd be really interested to know how you go x
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Default Re: Throat not working, can't converse

You think your issue is from 20 years ago?

I got lucky. I was bulimic for 20 years and never had a problem with my throat, acid reflux or intestinal issues. Actually when you look up the possible side effects of bulimia I did not have a single one.

I hope that does not come to bite me in the butt down the road after I have finally recovered.
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