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Default New challenges + can anyone relate?

My work schedule got changed so now I will have evenings free when I typically get off around 8pm. This causes panic because now I feel very alone/isolated/abandoned. I live alone, work alone and go to school online so social time is very important to me. Typically I schedule it 3 times a week, itís part of my self care, but having evenings free practically every night makes me feel so empty, lonely, isolated and sad. Iím starting to feel a little crazy and impulsive(though I donít act on it) and when people donít text me back these feelings come up even more. In addition Iím starting to get real clingy to the guy Iím seeing and wanting him to talk to me all the time and panicking when he doesnít.

Let me know if you can relate.
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Well... my situation is so much different than yours that I really would not be able to relate. (I'm an older person & pretty reclusive by choice.) But what occurs to me, with regard to your post, is that perhaps this is primarily change-related anxiety? You've been used to working until 8 pm. Now you're going to have evenings free. It can take time to adjust to new life circumstances. So perhaps it's simply going to take some time to get used to the new schedule? One thing I would think might be important is to share how you're feeling with your bf so that he understands what's going on. Here are links to 5 articles, from PC's archives, on the subject of embracing change:

Adapting to Change

Why Embracing Change is Good For You | NLP Discoveries

5 Effortless Ways to Embrace Change

Making Room for Change

7 Tips on Mastering Change

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Default Re: New challenges + can anyone relate?

Is there any sort of self care you can do for yourself? Like binge watching netflix?
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Default Re: New challenges + can anyone relate?

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