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Default Anorexia and BDD

I've had anorexia for 32 years and I developed BDD during that time.

I get so tired of looking in a mirror b/c I'm never satisfied.

Anyway, how's everyone doing? Comment with your current status, or not.
How do y'all cope with this? Do you have any methods that work?
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Default Re: Anorexia and BDD

I donít have any methods other than the typical ďanorexicĒ things like baggy clothing. I donít own a full length mirror, just a small one in my bathroom for my hair & make up. I donít own tape measures either. Scales are one thing I canít seem to part with - them plus the BDD and the anorexia and my brain is a big old mess.

But overall Iím okay I guess. Į\_(ツ)_/Į
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Default Re: Anorexia and BDD

I had anorexia in college. I still haven't 100% gotten over the stupid ED thinking. Some times are worse than others. I recently had to have emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer, and that caused me to lose a lot of weight. Before that, I was actually a normal weight for my height, low but normal. Now my BMI is back to an anorexic BMI and part of me is happy about it. I don't know. I hated my body from about 8th grade up and then got the anorexia in college, recovered from it, did OK a bit, but have had my ups and downs. I wish scales had never been invented.

IDK, I think BDD and eating disorders pretty much go hand in hand.
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Default Re: Anorexia and BDD

Hmmm. Definitely not anorexic here. Too thin is even worse for my particular BDD issue. I remember this time of seeing myself in a mirror and was horrified. Couldn't gain weight to save my life though.

Currently, the BDD is having a field day. I just want my brain to STFU.

Edited to clarify that I don't agree BDD goes hand in hand with anorexia, because it isn't just general dissatisfaction with one's body. Also think about BDD issues regarding nose or teeth etc. that are completely unconnected with one's weight.
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Anorexia and BDD

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Default Re: Anorexia and BDD

I am thinking of anorexia as a type of BDD where the issue is related to weight and can be manipulated by eating habits.

My BDD issues aren't linked to weight, at least I never perceived it that way, but I still like to be thin and my BMI has been 17-18 for decades. So I am technically underweight, just bone and muscles. I like myself like that, which earned me my last T's verdict of being mildly anorexic.
ASD with OCD and BDD.
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