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Default Re: Mindfulness cat.

My German shepherd is 13 & her hips & general health are failing. I don't know what I'll do when the time comes that we have to make a difficult decision. My GF works 60+ hours a week & I collect SSDI, so I'm home alone most of the time. While I have a few friends, Hildie is probably my best friend...& a source of meditative comfort. I can tell her how I'm feeling & she never judges me. She treats my coming back home when I've been out as some kind of miracle - happily bouncing around & running to her treat basket because she knows I'm a sucker. Yep...An animal is a far better therapist than any human therapist. Hildie sometimes seems to keep me grounded when things begin spiraling out of control.
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Default Re: Mindfulness cat.

Yeah, animals are so much better at teaching than humans.
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Default Re: Mindfulness cat.

My pets have saved my life so many times. Almost daily I will get lost in happiness as I pet them and they suck up and enjoy the love. When I'm very depressed I always feel my pets deserve a better mom......I always feel I'm not good enough for them and can't take care of them how they deserve. Then I feel guilty for feeling that way. my dogs are pretty spoiled with love, cuddles and pets but there are things I wish I could give them that I can't. Having 3 dogs is too much for me and I won't do it again. My Golden Retriever died several years ago and I mourned and was depressed for years. I don't trust or bond with humans often so my animals are very important to me.....I just wish I were healthier for them.
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