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Default Re: Bipolar II or BPD???

Great, great info on this thread. Don't forget mixed states. I get depressed out of my mind, can't focus on anything and can't even sit still. I am super sensitive and cry at the drop of a hat, even while scrubbing my floors with a tooth brush.
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Default Re: Bipolar II or BPD???

I am not bipolar, I have BPD, and I have a question. Can bipolars switch moods as fast as BPDs? I was under the impression that even last cycling bipolars don't switch moods more than once a day or so. I did some research on extreme cycling Bipolars, and it was described as someone who can go through the entrire cycle, from depression to hypo and back with mixed states in between, more than 4 times a year. That's not exactly the same thing....

As a BPD, I can go through 5 extreme emotions in 5 minutes, and they are all caused by something. For example, with BPD, Your SO comes in looking all disgruntled and upset. You AUTOMATICALLY feel they are mad at you and get angry and defensive. They notice your anger and look confused and you are AUTOMATICALLY sad and remorseful that you felt that way. The radio is playing in the background and you hear a song you like. You are AUTOMATICALLY happy and want to dance, but the person doesn't want are AUTOMATICALLY upset and feel rejected. Then your eyes stray to a picture of your daughter who's moved away from home. You are AUTOMATICALLY missing her and want to call... Yes, all of those emotions, extreme emotions, in a matter of five minutes or so.

I understand with bipolar, the moods are not affected by external factors the way they are with BPD, but can a bipolar switch moods really fast like that?

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Default Re: Bipolar II or BPD???

Originally Posted by Maranara View Post
I understand with bipolar, the moods are not affected by external factors the way they are with BPD, but can a bipolar switch moods really fast like that?
It is very uncommon for ultra rapid mood swings to be caused by bipolar alone, there is a lot of misunderstanding about that. It is very rare to change moods within one day.

Many people with both a BPD and BP diagnosis get the BP dropped after enough therapy when they learn to regulate their emotions. I have seen it personally at least 20 times, these girls (always girls) swear black and blue their rapid mood swings are from BP... but after a few months of therapy they realise that they never had BP and the mood epsiodes were always in reaction to triggers. Even moods that last a few days could have been in reaction to someone looking at them wrong.

In any case therapy is the best way to go. BPD is not going away without therapy and meds are ineffective for moods that are in reaction to triggers, where as BP usually need some form of meds at some stages of their lives to cope.
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