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Blush Menopause and being BiPolar


Does anyone have experience of being diagnosed as Bipolar before you started menopause? And did it get worse during menopause as compared to before or after? The reason why I ask this question is because I seem to be getting worse since my diagnosis and I was wondering if the hormones and menopause had anything to do with it. I was able to function better in my 20's/30's without knowing I was bipolar than now being in my 40's and knowing I have it and being on meds for it. Any thoughts?

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who reads this, anyway?
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Default Re: Menopause and being BiPolar

I was diagnosed before menopause but when I became perimenopausal there were definite change in my bipolar symptoms. My mania was higher and I dropped within hours to a very depressed state. And I started having severe insomnia. I never had problems sleeping before when I wanted to sleep but for several years now I can only sleep with meds. Without meds I am up for days. I had hoped that taking estrogen and progestone would be enough but my psychiatrist has had to add several bipolar meds to get the mood swings under control. But the good part is that my symptoms are now improving.
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Default Re: Menopause and being BiPolar

Consider menapause another form of bipolar. I had it pretty easy but it still sucked. Keep talking to both your medical and psychiatric doctors. This will pass. That's the good news.

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