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Default job search--never ending rejection

I have been unemployed for two months now. I have been looking online for cashier jobs which is the only thing I am qualified for--in my late 40's. Please don't judge me for this. I have had interviews but nothing has come of them. It feels like no one wants me. I can't take rejection. It hurts like nobodies business. It is hard for me to feel hopeful that anyone will hire me, ever. If you are going to respond, be kind.
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Default Re: job search--never ending rejection

Hi there,

Have you considered broadening what types of jobs you will take? There are jobs out there that you don't necessarily need "qualifications" for, and will train you. Some examples are cleaning jobs, fast food worker, restaurant work (either waiting on tables or working in the back as a cook, dishwasher or prep cook). Another option is stocking items at a store or working in a warehouse. My current job is aisle maintenance, meaning I check the prices, make sure they're right, and that everything is in the right place. It's a relatively quiet and peaceful job that most people can do.

If you only apply for one type of job you may find the options to be rather limited to you.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
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Default Re: job search--never ending rejection

No judgments from me..
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Smile Re: job search--never ending rejection

Perhaps there's something about the way you're coming across in interviews you're not even aware of that's causing you not to get hired. Or, perhaps, because you're in your late 40's, you're encountering some age discrimination. It's out there... unfortunately.

Is there a state Job Service office you could go to & possibly get some help? Sometimes these sorts of state employment services offices offer job seeking skills training. One good source of information regarding effective job search techniques is JIST Publications:

Home | JIST Career Solutions

I know how punishing job search can be on one's self-esteem. Please take care...
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Default Re: job search--never ending rejection

Two months is relatively short. One of my former roommates was unemployed for half a year and she was anything but avoidant. Also, she had a good resume. And when she finally found a job, they exploited her mercilessly, knowing how tough it was for people her age to get hired.
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