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Blush So apparently, I don't even have autism...

Not too long ago, I got all this garbage sent to me about a date for court, because I cannot do this crummy unpaid work they sentenced me to in February, and I feel I cannot be around too many people over having anxiety. And they say in it somewhere that 'it was thought' in 2007 that I have a pervasive development disorder, so I don't have autism, or whatever they are calling what I have. Regardless, I feel like I need support from people (but support I can trust) and they ain't providing it, so I run in circles now, and I say the same things to my mother all of the time when I call her up, because it's true. I've tried, though. I have.
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Default Re: So apparently, I don't even have autism...

I think you might be jumping to conclusions here. Legal documents are always vague. Since the court is not a psych doc they would probably say “it was thought” instead of “he has” a disorder. Generally a court system is not the place to look for support.

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Default Re: So apparently, I don't even have autism...

Pervasive development disorder = autism spectrum.
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