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Unread 09-10-2017, 07:12 AM   #1
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Default Eye contact

How are you with eye contact?

As for me, I don't mind looking at someone's eyes, but it scares me when they look back. For some reason I feel embarassed when people see me looking at their eyes. Also I feel more comfortable talking with my eyes downcast instead of ahead or up (which is necessary for eye contact). Lately I've been trying to look at people's eyes from over my glasses instead of through, so everything including them is fuzzy, that's less scary for me.
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Default Re: Eye contact

Eye contact makes me very uncomfortable even with my own daughter. It really bothers me cause it's polite to look at people when they are talking.
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Default Re: Eye contact

I'm only good at eye contact with my own parents. I am working on finding tricks to at least make it look like I am looking at people. I have learned people see me as extremely shy or not wanting to talk because of the trouble with eye contact. I am trying to learn to become better at this with my psychologist. I have heard some people manage by looking at the mouth or eyebrows instead. For now I haven't found what works yet, but I suppose it's different for everyone.
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