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Smile My Asperger Quirks

My first inclination when I see someone in public that I know is to scurry for a hiding place.

I go berserk inside when someone is following behind me or I sense someoneís eyes are feasting on me.

A tiny noise such as someone chewing, sipping, or humming makes me cringe.

Although I despise talking on the phone, have anxiety when the phone rings or a message is left, I bought the newest of a brand of cell phones because Iím obsessed with Android apps.

When a social function is canceled, I respond with ďThatís too bad!Ē and then I CELEBRATE!!

I donít have to listen to talk radio to hear a conversation. *I have plenty of pretend conversation going on in my head.

I owe a debt of gratitude to whoever came up with the idea of the store SELF check-out.

Instructions: ďItís on the third shelf from the top on the left side of the closet next to the package of red, yellow, and green folders. *You canít miss it.Ē *You wanna bet? *Just watch me!

I am obsessed with raking or picking up leaves. *I have a hard time finding a stopping point UNLESS the neighbor comes outside.

Most of the conversations I plan out in my head never take place.

I was such a jerk for saying that forty-nine and three months ago.

Quadruple check alarm before going to bed.

Iíd like to make friends with someone who doesnít like making new friends. *Weird, I know.
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Default Re: My Asperger Quirks

Oh, I so related to many of these!!

Pull into my driveway and a neighbor is outside... pretend I'm gathering my things or doing something until they are out of sight.

I'd be perfectly happy to not talk on the phone. Ever. But don't dare take it away from me.

Social event cancelled... oh, thank goodness! I can stay at home!

Conversations in my head... only, like, all the time! And more than half are me talking to myself.

Instructions... oh please just write them down. I'll either forget or get confused if it's more than one step.

I loathe shopping for clothing, shoes, etc and own exactly 1 purse that I never use.

Everything has a place. Spices are by type (herbs, seeds, baking, other) and then alphabetical. Clothes are by type, then color. DVDs in alphabetical order, even though there is < 30. Books are categorized. And if anything is out of place, I know!

Spend 20+ minutes doing my hair? Nope, it's clean and combed. Make-up? Umm, no.

I have no tolerance for someone sitting close enough that their arm or jacket is lightly brushing against me. Cannot. Stand. It.
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