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Default That "Weird" kid

I am currently undiagnosed but I am in the process of being evaluated.

Did anyone else get labelled as the "weird kid" in elementary school because you did not know or follow any social norms?

Apart from a long list of behaviours, I loved to collect random strings of information from people.

I repeatedly asked random kids if they lived in an apartment or a house, and I couldn't bring myself to feel sorry for anyone who hurt themselves. I only cared about the structure of their plaster casts.

I only don't do it now because after watching people socialize, I've noticed it's not considered "normal."
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Default Re: That "Weird" kid

Welcome to PC! I was bullied in elementary school, likely because people thought I was weird. I feel empathy but had some trouble showing it as a child.
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Hello Rowan: I see this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to PsychCentral.

It's great you're getting evaluated! Hope that goes well for you. In the meantime there are a variety of quizzes & tests you can take, here on PC, that may help you to begin to gain some clarity with regard to what's going on with you. Here's a link to the listing of quizzes & tests that are available:

Psychological Quizzes and Tests

I hope you find PC to be of benefit.
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Default Re: That "Weird" kid

I was weird from my first day of kindergarten. I had been raised by older parents and had been around adults mostly. I didn't act like the rest of them.
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Default Re: That "Weird" kid

I was always the weird one. I don't really remember anything from before I was 12, but after that everyone and their grandma called me weird, or psycho. I didn't even think anyone at school knew my name but I ended up getting voted most unique my senior year. So I guess it has its perks and downfalls. Yeah I got bullied over it, but now that I'm out of school I'm presented with other problems because of being "weird". I never really saw myself ad weird exactly. Different yes. And I probably act different because I don't understand social situations very well.
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Default Re: That "Weird" kid

Yeah I was bullied constantly as a kid because I was the weird kid. Also I was in a dual language class and there was only one in each grade. So from Kindergarten through 6th grade I was with the same kids. So I dealt with the same bullyís for years.

I was not diagnosed until I was a young adult. My mom was a big deal in the school district and a lot of my bad behaviors and issues were just swept under the rug because the teachers and other faculty staff were intimidated by her. But I probably should have been evaualated and in therapy Iím guessing in Kindergarten.
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